Posted on: March 26, 2009 3:37 pm

March Madness! How are your brackets doing?

Wow. I can't believe it has been more than a month since I last put finger to keyboard to post a blog. After the Daytona 500, all my energy has been focused on college basketball for the most part.

With our Bubble Watch feature I correctly pegged 64 of the 65 teams in the NCAA tournament field. I included San Diego State and left out Arizona. I had Arizona as one of the last two out along with St. Mary's.

So then it was on to making bracket predictions.

On my "expert" bracket posted on the site, I picked a Lousville-UNC final with the Cardinals taking the championship. I'm the only one of our CBSSports.com "experts" that didn't choose UNC as the champion. Overall that bracket has taken quite a beating, though seven of my Elite 8 are still alive and all my Final Four teams remain intact.

But I'm a man of many brackets, and because I'm not sold entirely Louisville, I have UNC as champion in one of my brackets and UConn in another. I think the champion will come from among those three teams.

I'm not sold on Pitt, but I think that's due in large part because they've failed me in the past. That backfired on me last year when I strayed away from Memphis and Kansas because of past tourney transgressions. We'll see if it hurts me again.

There are some commonalties among all my brackets.

1. Louisville and Pitt were the two teams that I had in the Final Four of all my brackets.

2. In addition to Louisville and Pitt, I had UConn, UNC, Gonzaga, Syracuse and Oklahoma reaching the Sweet 16 in all my brackets.

3. In the West I generally had UConn or Memphis reaching the Final Four and in the South either UNC or Oklahoma

The biggest mistake -- up to this point at least -- that I made in all my brackets:

1. I didn't have Villanova or Michigan State making it out of the second round of any of my brackets. 

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