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Posted on: December 23, 2008 4:28 pm
Edited on: December 23, 2008 4:39 pm

All I want for Christmas ...

... is a Miami Dolphins victory over the stinkin' Jets.

(Well, that and the Dark Knight DVD)

As a Dolphins fan, there is no team I despise more than the Jets.Victory would be so sweet, not only because it would come against the Jests, but because it would make the Dolphins AFC East champions. Not many people thought the team could make such a turnaround after last year's 1-15 season.

Once Miami landed Chad Pennington, I actually thought they could challenge for a playoff spot. Last year's Dolphins were a 5-11, 6-10 team in a 1-15 team's clothing. There were several close games along the way, but cruddy coaching and a boat-load of injuries led them down the path to a 1-15 season.

So while there is no mistaking that the Dolphins were bad in 2007, I didn't think they were 1-15 bad. I thought with the addition of Jake Long, a healthy duo of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in the backfield, and a QB in Pennington who knew how to protect the ball, the offense was going to be improved.

On top of that was the last-place schedule the Dolphins drew. I was somewhat concerned that they had to end the season with four of their final five games on the road, but so far they've handled that stretch quite well.

With all of that, before the season I honestly predicted a 10-6 season -- with the caveat that they stayed healthy (which they have) because they're not particularly deep -- with a shot at a wild-card (believe it or not, last season I predicted a 1-13-2 season, so I know my team).

Tom Brady's injury and a Jets choke job have opened the door for an AFC East title, so come on Santa Claus (or should I say Brian Vickers), make it happen!!!

What's that you say? Brian Vickers? Santa Claus? What are you talking about De Los Santos?

Well, I have discovered evidence that NASCAR's Brian Vickers is Santa Claus (or Kris Kringle). Apparently, NASCAR racing helps fill the void.

Behold ...

Brian Vickers is Santa Claus!!!


I've actually been saving this for about six months. When I first saw Vickers with his beard, I knew he reminded me of somebody, but I couldn't quite figure out who. Then in the middle of summer it just hit me one day, Santa Claus from Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

And, of course, Red Bull gives you wings so he probably gives the reindeer a little bit of the sponsor juice and -- boom! -- he's airborn delivering toys to all the good boys and girls of the world.

And with that I would like to thank everybody -- all 10 of you -- who manage to find their way to this little spec of the World Wide Web.

Have a healthy, happy holiday and I'll see you in the New Year.

(Oh, and if you haven't already, be sure to vote for the best specialty paint scheme)

Posted on: February 1, 2008 11:43 am

Go G-men!

As promised, here are the Super Bowl XLII predictions from the CBSSports.com production team.

Booms: Pats 59, Giants 21 – Randy Moss
EB: Giants 31, Pats 28 – Michael Strahan
JDD: Pats 34, Giants 24 – Tom Brady
RD: Pats 31, Giants 28 – Laurence Maroney
AG: Pats 35, Giants 17 – Tom Brady & Randy Moss
RL: Giants 35, Pats 31 – Eli Manning
BR: Giants 42, Pats 3 – Jeff Feagles
MB: Pats 31, Giants 14 – Wes Welker
And finally, yours truly
DLS: Giants 41, Pats 0 – Ahmad Bradshaw

As you can see, we have a few Patriots haters in the group. Three of the four people who picked the Giants are Dolphins fans, including me, so aside from being division rivals, we have the 1972 perfect season to think of.

So yes, those Giants picks are a bit biased, but we can hope can't we?

Yes, it's true, I don't really believe the Giants will win 41-0, it's more like my wish pick. If I had to make a really for real honest pick, say somebody gave me a million dollars and told me I had to make a bet on one team and I could only keep the money if I won the bet, the pick would be the Pats. It's the smart bet.

But I think the Giants have a chance, at least that's what I keep telling myself. The first key is getting pressure on Brady, plain and simple. Throughout history, the only proven way to beat a great QB is with pressure. You can't let him pick you apart like Jacksonville did. What a horrible game plan that was. Fortunately putting pressure on the QB is something at which the Giants excel.

In their Week 17 meeting the Giants had only 1 sack.  If they can't improve the pass rush Sunday, probably will need at least 4 sacks, then they're toast.

And offensively, I gotta believe they have to run the ball. I know Eli has been playing mistake free, but you can't count on him alone. I'd like to see somwhere in the range of 120 yards rushing.

Enjoy the Giants' victory everyone.

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