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Posted on: January 18, 2008 9:27 am

Father duct tapes jersey on son

OK, so how many of you have seen the story about the father in Wisconsin who duct taped a Favre jersey to his son because the son had refused to put it on?


I'm a father of three, my oldest being 3 1/2 years at the moment and he's not really into sports at the moment. As a Dolphins fan -- I know, quite sad -- we've bought him various states of Dolphins clothing -- jerseys, hats -- of course he doesn't know the significance of it. It's just clothing.

Eventually, I imagine, he's going understand sports and jump on the bandwagon, though I'm not about to force anything upon him. If he wants to be a Dolphins fan, then great. If not, I'll get over it. As long as he doesn't become a Jets fan. That will result in immediate expulsion from the premisis.

My parents grew up in the Chicago area, so my father and uncles are Bears fans. But I grew up in Florida and at the time I really glommed onto sports in the mid-80s, the Dolphins were among the elite with Dan Marino having just arrived on the scene. The first game I can really remember watching was the championship game when the Dolphins spanked the Steelers en route to Super Bowl XIX. I was hooked. And fortunately, the Dolphins were the top sports draw with the local newspaper, so I got all the Dolphins news my heart desired.

Today though, because of the internet, news about all teams are so easily accessible. My kids may eventually just choose their favorite teams based on a player or the team colors. Who really knows. It'll be interesting to find out. But however it turns out, I won't be taping an old-school Marino jersey to my kids. I will, however, burn any Jets gears that makes it into the house.


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